2018 Roundup

Wow there were so many good things to read and watch and play and listen to in 2018 - I've had to expand my lists from previous years! The thing I'm probably most happy about is the amazing number of books with LGBT characters in them. My top 10 books were definitely the hardest to …

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Sorry to Bother You

Cassius "Cash" Green (Lakeith Stanfield) needs a job, and soon - his car is barely running and he's four months late on rent, the rent that keeps his uncle, Sergio (Terry Crews), with a roof over his family's head, so when he gets a job with telemarketing agency RegelView it seems like all his dreams have come true. Except they don't pay except on commission. When Cash is offered a promotion the day he and his friends organise a strike, he must work out just how far he will go, and just how much it can cost to keep above the breadline. tw: abuse (for art), police brutality, slavery, heavy drug use, sex, human experimentation, racism

Panel Wrap-up – Queerness in Japanese Pop Culture: Authentic or a Fantasy Image?

On Sunday Sept 30th I participated in my first ever panel at Oz Comic Con. During the panel, a fee friends and I discussed the question "Queerness in Japanese Pop Culture: Authentic or a Fantasy Image?" Up until this point, queerness is never something I've discussed in front of a crowd of people and I …

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We Sold Our Souls

After Kris' ex-bandmate Terry sold out to become The Blind King she's been working in a dead-end job in a dead-end town. But then The Blind King comes back for one last tour, and this time Kris might just be able to bring him down, but first she has to get the band back together. In another dead-end town, Melanie clings onto the hope that The Blind King has given her, and his new show has given her the kick she needs to finally get out of the place. Part road-trip, part zombie movie, all metal. tw: sexual assault, suicide, forced drug-taking, medical horror, dismemberment