Starting as the tumblr blog Are There Lesbians? in late 2015, Strange Queer Things is an expansion on that theme. Here, there aren’t just reviews, but essays and short stories all focusing on the one thing – the queer, both in regards to sexuality and otherness. Expect humour, expect horror and expect it all to be very, very queer.

Your author:
headshotFlick has been writing for as long as they can remember. With a Diploma in Games Design, and an only slightly more useful Bachelor of Arts in English and History, he is the gal you want on your trivia team. A late-comer to the Queer Scene, she makes up for lost time with plenty of enthusiasm and style. Much like this blog, hir everyday life is peppered with horror, unashamed queerness, and plenty of tea.

Flick has written for Archer Magazine’s online publication has had a short story published in the Underdog Short Story Anthology.

You can contact Flick here or by emailing them directly at herebelesbians@gmail.com