Slag Wars

Are There Lesbians? No

What Happens?
Slag wars is a 4-part reality show where two pornstars known collectively as the “Cock Destroyers” (Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More) look for the next member of their team through a variety of funny and sexy challenges that are more safe-for-work than you would expect.
TW: sex work, mentions of transphobia, mentions of homophobia, mentions of homelessness and being kicked out of home, mentions of abuse

The Verdict:
The whole point of Slag Wars and the “Cock Destroyers” mindset is inclusivity. I cannot count how many times it was emphasised that it was not what you looked like that made you a Cock Destroyer, but your attitude. And the attitude of this show is fun, sex positive, and extremely queer. I don’t know the last time I was able to describe something as being outrageously horny and genuinely wholesome at the same time, but somehow Slag Wars has managed it.

The lineup for this season (and I really really hope there will be more) features a trans-woman, a non-binary and several queer men. Almost all are sex workers of one type or another. While I was delighted at the inherent queerness this introduced to the show, I couldn’t help but be a little upset that there was only one woman, especially when it is women who face the majority of pressure and negativity around sex. I can understand that the Cock Destroyers are already two women and probably want to diversify their brand a little, but I think because it was so joyful to see these two women so outspokenly enjoy sex and sexual activity, I wanted more of that.

Like most reality television there is plenty of drama to go around – and with so many queens in one house I expected there to be plenty of cattiness, and yet, I don’t think I could truly call anyone in this show mean-spirited or truly nasty. The majority of problems that occur between contestants are from misunderstandings or what appear to be personality clashes, which we’ve all had at one point or another. Just as an example, the first real “drama” of the show occurs when one of the Cock Destroyers doesn’t want to send anyone home, because the whole point of the show is positivity and being yourself and loving what you do.

There are so many hilarious little extras in this show – eye-candy Matthew Camp somehow perfectly embodying this tiktok video, Chase Icon’s commentary, and the ridiculous and fantastic music – I can’t possibly remember to cover everything, and to a certain point I don’t want to! So much of this show really has to be experienced for yourself, any explanation or discussion I can have about it certainly wont do it justice.

You can watch Slag Wars for free here.

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