Mini Review: Fight Like a Girl

I can’t remember how I first discovered Emilie Autumn but I do remember downloading some of the tracks from her Opheliac album on Limewire and the absolutely delicious sarcasm that was “Marry Me” – the first song of hers I ever heard. From there it was a rather slippery slope down the rabbit hole into the mad, mad world of EA. Fight Like A Girl is more of a concept album than her previous works, and ties in closely with her book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls (which has always had more expensive shipping than I can justify, else my grubby little hands would be all over it). EA is currently working on a West End musical version of her novel and it is clear how the FLAG album ties in with all this.

EA has always been about the empowerment of women, and speaks openly and frankly about her own experiences with abuse, sexism and mental illness. The title track coelasces these themes in a very strong anthem and truly underlines the values she holds dear. Values which have lead her to release the entire album for free in the wake of the US Election results. Tracks “Time for Tea” and “Take the Pill” are a bit harder than previous songs and can be somewhat confronting. But honestly that is part of the thrill. “Girls Girls Girls” is a true favourite of mine and evokes all the delicious irony which made me fall in love with EA in the first place. Tracks like “What Will I Remember?”, “Gaslight” “Of I Burn” and “Goodnight Sweet Ladies” are much more emotionally charged and show off EA’s musical skills to great effect.

I was lucky enough to see the FLAG tour live and if you ever get the chance to see EA live I highly recommend it – her shows are a vaudevillian wonderland and she and her Bloody Crumpets have wonderful showmanship. The sets and costumes are to die for and I can just tell that when she gets her musical up and running it will
be a thing of beauty.

Fight Like A Girl is nothing short of a call to arms for women everywhere. It is a series of musical tales about fighting back against oppression and supporting your fellow women all wrapped up in a fantastical industrial rock package. I sincerely hope you enjoy.

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