Rat Queens 3: Demons


Are There Lesbians? Yes

What Happens?
The Queens follow Hannah back to her University and we are given more background into her history (Although we still don’t know who her dad is. My money is on the demon)

The Verdict:
Much like WicDiv, Rat Queens is a series I am not going to tire of anytime soon. I am always eagerly waiting the next installment, particularly #3 as it turned out it was short shipped and I was left waiting a whole extra month for my Trade Paperback. Have I heard shitty things about the co-creators? Yes. However, that being said, I am going to support a strongly female-centric plot in any way shape or form that I can and really only hope that Image Comics deals with this all appropriately as they are doing good work at the moment, especially compared to DC and Marvel, and I would love to see this continue.

Enough background and into the story! Demons wasn’t a particularly good issue I have to admit, and have heard/seen my sentiments echoed elsewhere – however, this is really only compared to the other volumes and relates to my personal dislike of Hannah as a character. I found the issue poorly written, not because we see characters weaknesses (lit. their “demons”) but because I felt that much of the tension that was built up towards the end could easily have been resolved and in this way I found it not only sudden but a little forced. This was particularly the case in the argument between Hannah and the Rat Queens towards the end – just because it was instigated and helped along by a literal demon doesn’t help me to understand why Hannah isn’t listening to any of her friends. Not only is she acting irrationally and wilfully ignoring her team but no one is even remotely interested in picking up on social cues for resolution here.

(lit. what the frickle frackle just happened here???)

With Hannah the main focus of the issues, everyone else is shoved into the  background – even though they’re all recovering from the end of the world and Dee is searching for a way to kill the god of her ancestors this interesting story line apparently has to take a backseat for Hannah to deal with her issues. Something I am getting a little tired of. Sadly, even an amusing aside with a dragon doesn’t stop me from wanting to lock them all in a room so sort out their shit.

(it actually goes much better than one might expect)

At the very end of the TP we are afforded a short respite from this absolute clusterfuck in the form of Braga’s backstory where it is revealed that she is trans! Yay! In it’s own way however, I felt this story confusing and also that it came a little too late in the issue as I at first had no idea where in the timeline it was supposed to be and had to go back to older issues for a bit of a refresher.

While I found Demons disappointing, it was, overall, an interesting story and sets up a lot of background information for the next issue. In this way it is much like pizza, in that while it may not be very good, its still pizza, and pizza is good. That or this comic has given me Stockholm Syndrome – the decision is yours.

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