Princess Leia


Are There Lesbians? No

What Happens?
After the events of A New Hope the surviving natives of Alderaan are being hunted down by the Empire. With the help of a reluctant Rebel Pilot Princess Leia Organa attempts to see out these survivors and bring them together, dodging the Empire and bounty hunters with every step!

The Verdict:
Ok so there aren’t any lesbians in this comic, but it does open up some interesting questions about Leia’s sexuality with panels like this:

(Basically I support a bisexual Leia right about now)

With a great art style and witty dialogue comes this kickass story built on female friendships. It’s good to see Leia’s character developing outside of the movies, which grounded her as a self-supporting lady, both regal and badass and all my life goals at once. It’s good to see Leia acting in the diplomatic role we know she’s supposed to hold at the beginning of A New Hope, but don’t really see. Essentially, aspects of her character come across as strongly developed and perfectly natural.

(Gals being pals)

As a comic where the majority of characters are women, Princess Leia shows the complex emotions and relationships between women – as rivals, friends and sisters. There is as much emphasis on mutual support as there is on battling the Empire. Of course, in true Star Wars style the Empire is eventually battled and defeated, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable every step of the way!

(Honestly, what a cutie!)

I don’t think I can recommend this comic highly enough and not only because I’m a massive sucker for female-driven plots with the most badass of ladies but because I’m a massive sucker for Star Wars as well. Perhaps I should be renaming this blog to ARE THERE KICKASS LADIES? because in that case Princess Leia would have a resounding YES.

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