Jennifer’s Body


Are There Lesbians? No

What Happens?
Jennifer (Megan Fox) is possessed by a demon/succubus/whatever after a sacrifice to Satan gets botched by an incompetent indie band (seriously guys, if you need a waning moon for your ritual, why are you surprised when there is a waning moon when you do your ritual… do you not plan ahead?). Jennifer then starts eating the local male populace, effectively turning them into “lasagna with teeth”. Her best friend/minion Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is forced to deal with…well… everything that then ensues. Because that’s what good friends do, especially when you’re kinda crushing on ‘em.

The Verdict:
Ok so the above may not strictly be true. There’s a pretty awesome makeout scene between Jennifer and Needy, but the majority of evidence points to overall straightness – Needy has a boyfriend and all of Jennifer’s victims are male. There is the rather telling line from Jennifer that she gos “both ways” however, so it’s nice to have a bit of bi representation, even though I feel like it may have only been there to further the “Jennifer is a massive slut” line of argument.


I was fully prepared for this to be “B-grade” Horror movie good, but… I actually genuinely like this movie. It’s got two kickass female leads and just the right amount of horror for me (There was a bit near the beginning where neither I nor my girlfriend could watch because we both hate jump-scares but that was about it!). On top of this there was some actual humour and character development – you really feel for both girls by the end of it. While the relationship between Needy and her boyfriend, Chip is an important part of the plot, it definitely takes a backseat to that of Needy and Jennifer – something the writers wanted to do was “ bring to the screen a new way of expressing the intensity of female bonds” and I feel that this was expressed admirably, partly because of a moment near the end that turned me into this gif:


I shall not, of course be spoiling the ending, but suffice to say… it’s awesome.

If you like female-driven plots and horror you should a) read this brilliant article and b) watch Jennifer’s Body. If nothing else, watch it for like the 3 seconds that Chris Pratt makes an appearance.

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